Quality is our tradition

Face Care

Kaloderma ‘age balance’ is an innovative, intelligent and effective face care system benefitting from the latest research findings. A special and intense ‘cell protection complex’ – based on apple stem cells, Pro-Elastin-peptides, precious argan oil and caviar that is rich in protein – is an effective anti aging solution for gaining young and firm skin that feels smooth and healthy – and a complexion that radiates youthful freshness.

Body Care

Kaloderma has developed two lines of body care products to accommodate the different needs of mature skin. The range of skin firming products contains the moisturizing ‘AQUALISTIN complex’. The active ingredient Q10 in combination with the essence of hibiscus, vitamin E and grape seed oil provides effective firming and moisture at the same time. Our other product line contains the ‘KALOVITAL complex’ which supports dry skin with an especially effective care. Jojoba oil, apple serum, essence of elderflower and vitamin E create a sensation of smooth and pleasant skin.

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