Believing in nature

The products from the new Babyheart® skincare range pamper soft baby skin with essences of wild pansy and calendula. For many years, these plants have enjoyed a reputation as traditional healing plants, and they produce intensive caring substances, which are particularly good for tiny tots' sensitive skin. Also known as 'heartsease', the wild pansy can help to relieve irritation, smooth the skin and prevent soreness. One of the best 'side effects' is the happy smile on the baby's face! The calendula is also said to have some valuable qualities. Its bright orange-coloured petals contain substances with a regenerative effect which gives vital support for baby skin that is still developing. Its natural self-protection qualities are strengthened, while the skin is cared for and protected completely. Not only is it good for tiny tots, but it also helps the more demanding skin of older children and adults. The 'power of nature' is concentrated in the extracts used in the Babyheart® range for effective skincare for all people great and small - creating closeness, trust and a feeling of harmony within the body.

All-round good qualities

The Babyheart® skincare range is as multi-faceted and varied as living with a baby. Seven products, prepared specially with the many different needs of tiny tots in mind, will provide an extra helping of wellbeing and comfort. Developed by experienced experts, the Babyheart® formulae are gentle, reliable and effective enough to care for and protect baby skin in many different kinds of situations. The Babyheart® 3-in-1 Shower, Shampoo & Bath is suitable for a warm bath; afterwards, a calming massage with Babyheart® Care Oil or Babyheart® Body Lotion can gently prepare your baby for bedtime. The Babyheart® Wound Protection Cream and Babyheart® Powder provide an especially thorough and intensive kind of care for your baby's bottom at home and on journeys. Other quick and practical everyday 'helpers' are the Babyheart® Wet Wipes and the Babyheart® Soft Cream, which handily complement and complete the skincare programme. Babyheart® products are free from silicones, parabens, paraffins and PEGs, making them rich in natural substances confirmed to be dermatologically compatible with the skin. They are quickly absorbed into the skin, and provide long-term care and protection. In addition, the subtle fresh scent of mild perfume oil gives a feeling of comfort.