Quality products in abundance

Our production area of 22,500 m² (~27,000 yd²) currently accommodates 15 state-of-the-art mixing and manufacturing plants, some of them with a capacity of up to 5,000 kg (~790 st). With our modern facilities using vacuum process technology for low- to high-viscosity media we can mix, homogenize, control the temperature and degas virtually all media. This enables us to manufacture more than 120m products every year.

During all stages of production we adhere to the cosmetics GMP which guarantees a consistently high and permanent quality. Compliance with our high-standard occupational health and safety policies is ensured through constant quality control.

MAXIM has years of experience in bottling cosmetics. As a specialist in filling and bottling crucibles, tubes and bottles we can develop the packaging and design in line with our business partner’s ideas and wishes.

  • Sizes from 5 liters (~1.3 Gal) (developmental purposes) up to 5,000 liters (~1320 Gal)
  • 5 production units for decorative cosmetics
  • 3 mixing units (800 liters, ~210 Gal)
  • 5 Becomix vacuum production units (2500 liters, ~660 Gal)
  • 1 Unimix vacuum production unit (4000 liters, ~1050 Gal)
  • High rack storage area with 10,000 storing positions on 14,000 m² (~16,700 yd²)
  • Production and manufacturing on 8,000 m² (~9,500 yd²)
  • Production capacity with two shift operation: 15,000 tones (~16,500 tons)
  • Bottling and packaging capacity with two shift operation: 160,000,000 units per year

Four flexible bottling plants with assembly lines operate irrespectively of the flacon’s size and form and enable us to process as well with unusual designs. Accurate control of the bottling processes of perfume, after shave and eau de toilette provides highest process safety – for small as well as big amounts.

We process tubes in different shapes and of different materials with our eight flexible tube filling units that operate irrespectively of the tube’s design. The filling process can be followed up by cartoners to help the products being placed into folding boxes immediately after.

Three flexible bottling units aligned with product and packaging manufacture our Face, Body and Hair Care products. Our goal is the utmost quality of the final goods.

We guarantee reliable and visually flawless bottling results with our four bottling units. The same counts for the safe sealing of crucibles and small flasks made of glass and plastic. Crucibles made of glass are scanned for first-rate quality by an optical camera system.

We exceed our customers’ expectations with our two production units for mascara, lip gloss and eyeliner that offer the highest process security and accurate control.

We cover the whole range of cosmetics for lips. Our five production units for lipsticks can produce a wide variety of forms and formats.

From the development up to the finished product: Maxim is your reliable business partner for manufacturing – with first-rate quality.