Eau de Parfum

Out of love to fragrances we create new eau de parfums matching the seasons. Our range consists of flowery, fresh, minimalistic and oriental fragrances – something to suit everyone’s taste. You can find inspiration in our large selection of choice compositions.

Develop you own fragrance with us!


Eau de Toilette

Not as strong as an eau de parfum, but nevertheless our eau de toilettes are enormously effective and flatteringly fragrant. For him or her – strong, fresh, spicy, masculine or delicate, sweet, rosy and feminine. Our fragrances are as diverse as life itself and this is why they are the ideal companion for every day.

Add with our help your very own diversity to the fragrance. 


Eau de Cologne

Quickly “freshen up” – that is intended with an eau de cologne! Due to its’ low amount of fragrance oils Eau de Cologne can be manufactured with advantageous pricing. It is a light variation of perfume with lots of possibilities. With an Eau de Cologne you can enjoy and shape special moments!


After Shave

A reviving and replenishing After Shave is an essential in every man’s body care assortment. Every man has different preferences; while one likes it soft, the next favors strong and spicy. As a gel, balm or classic liquid – an After Shave cleans deeply, invigorates and its’ intense fragrance underlines every man’s own special character.

We develop the right aftershave for every kind of person.